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About Us

The Company "People's Pharmacy" founded in 2004.

The company's main activities are:

  • Retail sales of medicines, biologically active additives, medical and child care facilities through network of pharmacies, which are represented with 43 pharmacies and works in Tbilisi and other regions of the country.
  • Hospital sector supply around the country with medicines and things of medical use.  
  • Wholesale sales/distribution the medicines and biologically active additives throughout the pharmaceutical networks and pharmacies which are operating in the country. The Company "People's Pharmacy" offers services to people throughout the country - the emphasis on regions, and offers diverse range of medical products, baby food, medical nutrition and preventive products, the wide range of natural medical products and high quality service. Our one of the main goal is to provide customers with high quality products, lowest market price, accompanied by professional advice. The “People's Pharmacy" network includes 43 pharmacies. The company's pharmacies are located in various regions, including the hard-to-access areas. The company employs about 300 employees. Our goal is to offer our customers a wide range of quality products, reasonable / affordable prices and high-quality, reliable pharmacist services. Also create a pleasant, natural condition in our network.

One of the main objectives of the company is to offer to its customers the wide range of high-quality products at the lowest market price.


The pharmaceutical Company "People's Pharmacy" was founded in 2004. The "People's Pharmacy" has its own warehouse distribution center, which operates in accordance with international standards of pharmaceutical market.

Since 2005, the company began to import medicines and medical items. The first serious steps have been taken to expand the network - in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Rustavi and in almost every major city of Georgia have been launched the "People's Pharmacy" branches.

Since 2007 due to the network expansion and significant investment made by the founders the company has made a great progress. Additional pharmacies have been opened in various districts of the capital and other cities of Georgia. The company has an exclusive agreement with a pharmaceutical company "Vitabiotics”, and its produced medicines are very popular in among the customers of the “People’s Pharmacy’ and in local pharmaceutical companies’ networks as well.

In 2011, the "People's Pharmacy’s" 50% of the share capital is owned by "GPI Holding" which is the member of one of the largest insurance companies in Europe the "Vienna Insurance Group" and as well is a leader in the Georgian insurance market. As well as is cooperates with international insurance company "Irao," which is the member of "Vienna Insurance Group. People's Pharmacy is actively involved in government’s social insurance program, and under this program, according to a list approved by the government provides insurers with safe medicines. As well as the Company supplies Hospital sector with medicines and medical items. It has became the major supplier of “Geo-Hospitals” LTD the daughter company of the "GPI Holding". The “Geo-Hospitals” runs hospitals, outpatient clinics (including in rural regions), maternity homes, etc. in 16 regions of Georgia. The “People’ Pharmacy” has regulated the hospitals supply system, implemented the import of the products required for the hospital system, that has enabled the company to win tenders and contracts on supply of other hospitals, of  Aldagi-BCI subsidiary “My Family Clinic”,  Archimedes clinic, Hospital Network “Aditi”  and other hospital networks.

In 2012 the "People's Pharmacy" started the structural changes. From the second half of 2012, the company’s management, has intensified its work on the development of the retail networks and the formation of its own brand. Company executed the contract with an experienced “Branding” – “” and with help of this company it has succeeded to identify the own brand field, motto and brand code. The company’s has been renewed and now actively is developing new products and services, there is doing an innovative program with partner clinics and etc.

In 2012 the "People's Pharmacy" opened 11 new pharmacies nationwide, including 7 Pharmacies in difficult to access areas: Tsageri, Stepantsminda, Tsalka, Tetritskaro, Tianeti, Kharagauli.